Issues due to changing Windows locale to Hebrew

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asked Sep 19 in Support Questions by ygoldblatt
I have the following issue - in order for Hebrew to work in JL we had to change the language locale for non-unicode programs to Hebrew.

In turn, this causes Adobe Acrobat DC, chrome and some other programs to set the default paper size to A4 not letter and when editing PDF's the paragraph direction defaults to R-L and there is no way to change it back.

Has anyone else had the same issues? Windows 10 Pro, Acrobat DC.
commented Sep 20 by asrtiop
I never had the problem with paper sizes but i do have the Adobe Acrobat problem with the paragraph direction defaulting to R-L. Never made the connection that it was the locale for non-unicode programs making me my issues. I have just been working around it by making a new text box for every space.
commented Sep 22 by ygoldblatt
Yes but that is annoying on large documents :-)

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answered Sep 19 by Admin
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You need to change the paper size for the default printer back to letter. All the programs just take it from the default printer.
commented Sep 22 by ygoldblatt
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commented Sep 22 by Admin
Call in to support and we will help you change it.
answered Sep 19 by seb
TRY in Windows:

Settings>Advanced keyboard settings

1) Change the default input language to English

2) Make a check at "Let me use a different input method for each app window"
commented Sep 22 by ygoldblatt
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