Reset GPS trip if system detected stop's from next route, or it should not record stop's from the 2nd trip while still on the first trip.

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asked Oct 31 in New Feature Requests by C.H.S.
Is it possible to add an option to reset the route if the system detected stops from the next route when he is still on first route?

or to make it shouldn't record the stops from the 2nd route while he still didn't finish the first trip.

For example: one of my buses were very late on the first trip, and the system detected already the stops from the 2nd trip so the parents from 2nd trip hear that they missed the bus already.

for me the main purpose of the tracking is when the bus is late, so instead of calling in office where the bus is, they should be able to hear from the tracking, but in this case the tracking isn't helping that much.

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