Keeping track of solicitors

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asked Dec 2, 2019 in How To by gittelgluck
We have several solicitors and we want to be able to save their information for future reference. We would like to enter their basic contact, which beis medrish he went, what times, how successful he was etc etc. Where should we enter these info?

Also, some fundraisers charge per hour other charge percentage, is there a way to track how much money each solicitor raised, how much he charged and the net profit of each.

And finally, there are fundraisers that  bring in members and its their responsibility to go after them. Is there a way to link members to a solicitors?
commented Dec 16, 2019 by seb
this would be a very great tool to keep track on solicitors.

But it would  also be very useful if you can also add the information "in a mass entry window" per account, to add each time a Solicitor contacted this account, Which Solicitor, Where, When, and what the person answered. So you can also make reports by solicitor on his daily work, his activity and Success, and also have detailed reports on accounts "by Day/By Period/by Campaign//By Beis Medrash", how many refusals, how many positive answers, How many push-offs, reasons of negative answers, Pledges, and more.

maybe it is 2 different things, and both are Useful.
commented Dec 17, 2019 by bismark
By linking members to solicitors do you mean that the Fundraising->Accounts-Linked->->Solicitor tab would link to the member account of the solicitor, that is a fabulous idea!

Please see my ticket here and upvote if you think it would be helpful to you also:


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