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asked Dec 30, 2019 in How To by gittelgluck
We have some donors who have Gabai Tzeduka with whom we have to deal to be able to get a donation.

But after the donation we need to enter the donation and print member cards, receipts, statements, etc for the name of the donor.

Where should we enter the name and contact info of the Gabai so it should come up on reports we give for our fundraisers?

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answered Dec 30, 2019 by yczehn
selected May 6 by yczehn
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Solicitor there are 3 places where you can enter solicitors

  1. Linked, you enter the solicitor that will solicit account,
  2. Pledge/Charge, here you enter the solicitor that solicited the pledge,
  3. Donation/Payment,  here you enter the solicitor that solicited the Payment.
commented May 7 by Shekel Hakodesh
you can also do it by the mane screen General info by Type/Value, type should be solicitor value should be the name of the solicitor. then you can make any report by query, additional info.

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