I got an OJC Credit Card number from a donor. How do I process it?

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answered Jan 26 by YakovKantor
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The first step is you must contact the OJC to get a login.

Once you have your login information you go to https://www.ojccharityportal.org/Account/settings​

You should see a line that says "Account No:" Followed by a 4-6 digit code.

After you have the code call into JL and we will set it up on your server.

You do not have to contact your credit card merchant provider (Fidelity/Hi Tech/First Choice/ etc.) as this has nothing to do with them.

commented Jan 28 by Pinkus
Per OJC communication : There is  20 cents charge on the swipe. Some donor's leave the 3% for the organization and some take if for themselves. You will probably encounter both card types.
commented Feb 12 by Admin
If you have setup OJC integration please call into JLS Support to update from your OJC OrgID to your OJC Org API key. OJC is changing what we need to send to them to identify your account.

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