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asked May 19 in New Feature Requests by meshilem
can i schedule the jl system to flag automatically based on the family balance?

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answered May 19 by Admin
selected May 20 by meshilem
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Contact support. They can set up a code that runs each night that flags or unflags based on any criteria.


But why do you need a flag? You can query for balance too.
commented May 20 by meshilem
Our Idea should be great for all Mosdes


we made a Family Flag called Done to be able to query witch family is not done for the month yet

mainly the flag is for those who r not paid in full but for this month we cant or should not ask again for $$$

so what we need is that on Rosh Chodesh all Family's paid in full should get automatically flagged done and then will do the other manually

makes sense?

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