Match Direct Certification directly from the nysed website

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There are many students that are not matched when uploading my excel sheet.

How can I search the nysed website to see if a student matches, directly from the JL program?

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Step 1. Run a regular Direct Match (Upload excel sheet to their site etc.) After you get back the results and match their excel sheet. 

Do not select search online when doing a regular match

You have 2 options.

  1. You can check a student manually in the account
  2. You can check all students mass.


       To check mass.

Go to Reports > Additional Info > Direct Cert. Select the period and free meal type, select the `search online` and click direct match.



A dialog will popup asking you to login and internet explorer will open.

After you login click ok.

It will then start the direct match, if you need to stop the match you can press ESC


      To search for a single student.

Go to an account, on the student line click the Direct Cert Button.


commented Jun 14 by BYBZ
We found over 100 students that were matched now with this update which couldn't come soon enough.

However, i still believe that there should be a match feature by NYSIS ID(not to be confused with NPSIS). If we will be able to import every NYSIS ID and then download into JL by this unique ID whoever the State matched, we will have a greater success ratio.

Please understand that every single additional match translates into real $$ for yeshivas for the food program. It is vital that we get as good as a match as possible.

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