Send Receipt by Email

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asked Oct 26, 2020 in How To by gittelgluck
I wonder how to set up when printing receipts some accounts shouldn't print but rather email the receipt
commented Oct 26, 2020 by chaim holtzer
I had the same question, and how about manually email the receipt (even if not set up for the account)

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answered Oct 27, 2020 by yczehn
selected Oct 29, 2020 by gittelgluck
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set up email address for receipts

in the mass receipt screen you can choose All accounts, email only, No email only

Email only will only email to those with receipt alert setup

No Email Only will create receipts with NO email alert setup

In account

 If you set an alert email it will default to email receipt. If you choose a preview or print it will alert you that user has an email.


commented Nov 17, 2020 by gittelgluck
Another question about emailing receipts:

How can I save a template for the subject and body of the receipt email?

Currently the receipt is being sent like an attachment and I need to fill in the subject and body so it shouldn't look funny
commented Nov 17, 2020 by chaim holtzer
I need it when printing a receipt for cc charge, its printing even i set up the Email for Receipt alerts.


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