Track student progress by entering notes and have the note automatically emailed

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asked Nov 12, 2020 in New Feature by YakovKantor
edited Nov 12, 2020 by YakovKantor

With this feature you can do the following. 

Have a principle or any group of people notified when a note is put under a student. Enabling you to keep them in the known with the students progress / behavior.

  •  You can have pre defined groups and select which group should get the email on each note.
  •  Whenever the note is changed the group can be notified.

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answered Nov 12, 2020 by YakovKantor
edited Nov 12, 2020 by YakovKantor
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Added (11/12/20)


There are 2 parts to the feature:

  1. The group setup
  2. Puting in the note and setting the group


To setup the groups:

Go to Administration > Student Notes Email Group (If you are on the correct version this will already exist in the drop down)

Field 1: Group Name

VaueText: The TO: Field (Ex:

ValueText2: The CC: Field

ValueText3: The BCC Field

You can have multiple emails in each field (To,CC,BCC) just separate each email address with a comma. (Ex:,


To start using the feature:

Under the students notes:

Put in a subject (the email sent will use that as the subject) and note.
Once the note is put in correctly, select the group you would like the note to be sent to, it will be sent immediately.

As long as an email group is selected any change that is made to the note, the system will send a new email.

If you would not like the group to get any more emails, remove the group.

‚ÄčDouble check your note before setting a group to avoid unnecessary emails.

The system will use the default email to send the email there will not be any confirmation or notification that an email is sent. 


commented Nov 16, 2020 by sshousterman
Under Admin, where do I find the Student Notes Email Group?
commented Nov 16, 2020 by YakovKantor
Under the admin tab > Right had side there is a drop down list.
commented Nov 16, 2020 by sshousterman
I don't see it....
commented Nov 16, 2020 by YakovKantor

Are you on the latest version after (11/12/20)?

commented Nov 16, 2020 by sshousterman
Nope, how do I upgrade?
commented Nov 16, 2020 by YakovKantor


However you will need every one to log out of the program first.
commented Dec 13, 2020 by Chaimshiah
This is only for Courses and not for family notes.

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