Getting a detailed immunization report

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asked Oct 22, 2015 in New Feature Requests by mering
When I am creating a report with missing immunizations it comers up shots that r missing even if the child takes now the shot it will be invalid so I would really appreciate that u should be able to create a missing immunization report that should be a sign by a missing shot that it still invalid ?
commented Nov 16, 2015 by mrsw
yes, it would be very helpful, cuz when i want to see who's missing immunizations a big part of the report are kids who aren't due for it yet. Please try to add this filter.
commented Nov 16, 2015 by Admin
Please read the answers before posting.
commented Nov 16, 2015 by mrsw
I understand that there isnt such a feature yet but i'm also putting in a request for this.
commented Nov 16, 2015 by Admin
Like in answer below this is not possible.

3 Answers

answered Oct 22, 2015 by Admin
The only way to see it is by the individual account. Its currently not possible to see this info in a report.
commented Oct 22, 2015 by mrsw
Is it possible to remove the children who are religously exempt?
commented Oct 22, 2015 by Admin
You can have such a question on the report.
commented Oct 22, 2015 by mrsw
Please be specific
commented Oct 22, 2015 by Admin
You can have the report Missing Immunization to not include students that are exempt. Email in to support and ask them to add a question to the report if it should include the exemptions.
commented Oct 23, 2015 by BYBZ
Does this mean that the missing immunization report will not show up a child that had an invalid shot as missing ?
commented May 11, 2016 by mering
Please give me an advice for my contacts.

I am starting now to prepare the contracts for school year 2016-2017. And on the contracts by the missing Immunizations it comes up shots that are missing even the shots are not due yet  (Min. Interval) , So the parents are gonna see that there children are due for shots and the will go to the doctor (Sit there for 2-3  Hours) And then the doctor will send them home cause they are not yet due for shots and it will cause that the will have complaints to us and it will complicate following the rules and regulations from our school  ,I totally understand that its impossible to add this but i know that JL puts in all there effort to accommodate  there clients so for this reason i am asking an advice how to work with contracts.
commented May 11, 2016 by Admin
Most schools do not include any immunization info on the contract.
commented May 11, 2016 by mering
But i am asking an advice for us that we do include it in the contract cause we follow the law that all students have to be up do date with Immunizations.
answered Nov 2, 2015 by Admin
To make things clear. In most report we can add a question to the beginning of the report so you can select what you want to see. So if there is no query possible for this particalur thing you want we can add it to the report itself. Each of our customers have there own designed reports. So if you want such a question or change to any report its best to email it to


Now back to Missing Immunization Report. There are schools that have an option that it should only show certain immunization and/or not include exempt students. So if you need it too, email in to the above email and it will be added.

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