when sending an email directly from JLS it should not use the default Email account (if there are multiple Emails) or the Test Email address from JL, It should rather be blank with the list of multiple Emails, and if the user forgot to fill it out it should pop up a message to remind, TY it will

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asked Aug 15, 2021 in New Feature by khaladasyereim

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answered Aug 15, 2021 by Admin
selected Mar 8, 2022 by Admin
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You can set the default email for the user.
commented Jul 31 by leah
where is that done?
commented Jul 31 by YakovKantor
When sending an email choose the email you want to set as default. Then select the "HTML" menu on top, then choose set default email. Make sure your logged as the user at that time.
commented Jul 31 by leah
Can I change it each time? If Outlook is my default email does it work this way too.
commented Jul 31 by Admin
Please call in to support. Do not understand the question. This has nothing with outlook. If sending via outlook this does not apply.

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