How do I enter an Exemption (Medical or Religious) for a single immunization type?

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asked Nov 17, 2015 in How To by Admin
commented Nov 24, 2015 by Secretary
does anyone have a template for a Religious exemption that others can share? thank you
commented Nov 26, 2015 by mrsw
It needs to be any religious belief (making sure that it doesn't include anything regarding medical objection) as long as they bring enough proof abt religion it should be fine. However, a letter to the parent needs to be sent notifying them weather the exemption is accepted or denied. Would anyone have a sample of that letter stating their approval/denial (just to keep on records)?

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answered Nov 17, 2015 by Admin
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Enter the Immunization Type (1), the date you received the exemption (2) and choose Medical or Religious in the Vaccine drop-down (3). We also change the CIR download to also download invalid shots as we now use our own system to check if shots are valid.


Added 12/10/15: For Temporary Exemptions choose the Type (1), the date the exemption expires (2) and choose Temp Medical in the Vaccine drop-down (3).


commented Nov 23, 2015 by mering
If possible pls. add an where to enter an expiration date for a single medical exemption.
commented Nov 24, 2015 by mrsw
How do I get the drop down?
commented Nov 24, 2015 by mering

To get the dropdown for the Exemption  u have to update your program

commented Nov 24, 2015 by Admin
How common is medical exemptions that expire? A reminder on the account to remove it should be enough.
commented Nov 24, 2015 by mering
SURE!!! We r getting now daily from students Medical Exemptions that the child is not felling well that's not good for ever and I am thinking  that it is really not appropriate to enter a reminder for so much students when it could be an option to have an expiration date.
commented Nov 24, 2015 by Pinkus

set it up on your To Do List (under the notes tab) for a week or two from now to contact the parent about this shot .

it will pop up as a reminder , you can also set it up so a particular user should get alerted with this reminder to call a parent to follow thru.

commented Nov 24, 2015 by mering
I know how I enter reminder notes but why shouldn't be an official expiration date for this ?
commented Nov 24, 2015 by Pinkus
because there is no official rule for this.

so you must do it yourself or you are in violation of DOH rules and supject to a $2000 penalty per day.
commented Nov 24, 2015 by mering
If a student has an medical exemption then he is allowed to attend school  but usually it expires after a while so why shouldn't be an expiration date by the exemption ?
commented Nov 24, 2015 by Pinkus
if you read the regulations you will see there is no official medical exemption,  since its not one size fits all, its a case by case determination so in this case you cant apply an expiration date.
commented Nov 24, 2015 by mering
But I still want an expiration for medical exemption and I would really appreciate if JL adds it , so I am asking them to add it.
commented Nov 25, 2015 by shiaydr

There is on official medical exemption rule if the doctor fills out a DOH-5077 form. see below link.


commented Nov 25, 2015 by Admin
Will add exemption date option. Will post here when done.
commented Nov 26, 2015 by mbs
thank you - it will be a great help for us - that way we can print missing immunization reports and missing medical letters that would automatically exclude children with a temporary exemption. (currently we have to manually remove the letters).
commented Dec 2, 2015 by mbs
was the date option added already?
commented Dec 3, 2015 by mbs
Can this be added soon, since now is the time that we're all working with immunizations?

Thank you!

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