Fundraising Collection Portal Update

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Fundraising Collection Portal Update

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With this portal you can search for a donor in your database by name, number, account number and address. You can add donors from this portal to your database as well. 

You can pay off pledges or take new donations, set up future credit card and more with this portal. 

This portal can work with our handheld device that has a built-in receipt printer and credit card swiper or on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  


Our Handheld device


New Updates Added


  • Fast Mode – Temporarily Turn off pledges/payment history for faster collection method.
  • Added additional info in search results for example Father/father-in-law. 
  • Quick Pay account for anonymous donations.
  • Notes can be sent to email and directly entered into JL on the person’s account. 


Many more features to come!

If you would like to purchase this portal please contact our sales department 718-305-6762 Ext 1 


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