GPS: Record a custom message for parents to hear (Per Bus or All Routes)

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answered Nov 21, 2022 by YakovKantor
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We would like to inform you of the latest feature added to the GPS System.

As always suggestion and comments are welcome.


These messages are played before the detailed bus information.

 There are 2 message options:

  1. Leave a message for anyone that calls the GPS system. (IE. All busses will be leaving at 4:15 today)
  2. Leave a message for a parent that calls the GPS system, recognizing they have children on this specific bus by the current routes (Bus 34 is running 15 minutes late)

Important: When leaving a message for a specific bus, Keep in mind to specify the applicable bus number in your recording so if a parent has children on multiple busses, they will know which bus your message is referring to.

 How to leave a recording:

  1. Call into your JL GPS number
  2. Press the “*” as soon as the recording starts. While it’s playing “JLS”.
  3. Enter your password.

The system will then ask you to enter a bus number, or press Zero if you want the message for all busses. 

The next prompts are as follows:

Press 1 to record a message that will expire after a set amount of minutes, after that time it will auto delete.

Press 2 to record a message that will play until you delete it

Press 3 to delete the current message

Please Note: In order for this feature to work you must call into the office Ext 3, to have it enabled on your account.

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