I am not able to view the Denied credit card charges anymore

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answered Mar 23, 2018 by yczehn
selected Mar 27, 2018 by Admin
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Notes > Credit card > Transactions, Check off "Show declined transactions"
commented Mar 23, 2018 by bismark

I believe she means that she cannot access the list by clicking on "credit card -> denied" in the main screen (see below).

She can click on "credit card -> expires."

This was tested on two workstations. It is related to her user. I can view them.

Please advise.

commented Mar 23, 2018 by bismark
Correction: Expires doesn't work either.
commented Mar 23, 2018 by Admin
You need to give her rights for the administration screen on the main menu.
commented Mar 23, 2018 by bismark
Thank you. That fixed it.

Why did it stop working. I have made no recent user rights changes.

Please revisit: https://jlssolutions.com/QA/4988/clicking-status-fundraising-allows-access-administration

commented Mar 25, 2018 by Admin
Seems like you have some missing user rights records. Please update the software.

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