Can I make a Partial CC Return?

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asked Apr 13, 2018 in How To by MerkazWiznitz
if i charged $500 instead of $300 can i make a return of $200

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answered Apr 13, 2018 by mering
selected May 22, 2018 by Admin
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Do it the same as a  new charge and enter - $200
commented Apr 13, 2018 by Admin
If its still the same day of charge you might want to charge the new amount, and if it goes thru void the other transaction. new amount instead
(this way it does not show up on the persons statement a plus and a minus).

If the new charge does not go thru or if its already the next day you need to credit him $200. To charge a credit just enter a minus amount. -200
commented Apr 16, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
in my experience, credits-in form of credit card refunds, cannot be entered into quickbooks the way payments are. Therefore,  I deposit the the credit in the JL program only, then add a debit in quickbooks under the appropriate account.

is this correct?


Thank you!!
commented Apr 16, 2018 by yczehn
in the previous versions of QB you couldn't enter a negative deposits, the only way to enter it with QB integration would be if the total amount is greater then zero IE, a payment of $200 and a refund of $195 would total $5 so it would be able to transfer,

QB has updated in their latest version that they do allow negative deposits.
commented Apr 16, 2018 by Camp TYY
How do i void a cc transaction?
commented Apr 17, 2018 by yczehn
NOtes > CCtransactions, every record has a refund button if it didn't batch yet and is still the same day that it was charged it will void the charge, on the next day it will refund.

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