Option to only send Scheduled Emails when there is something in the report

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asked Jul 12 in New Feature by YakovKantor
This has been a popular request.
Currently the system will send emails regardless if there is any data in the report.
This can cause confusion for the person receiving the email.

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answered Jul 12 by YakovKantor
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Added (07/12/23)

This update requires your server files to be updated! Please contact support via email support@jlssolutions.com(Click the link for a prefilled email template)
Please note: In order to update to this version (even if you do not intend to use this feature) you may need to call into support for us to stop the services on the server, to complete the update.

If you would like to have the email send when there are records check the "Only on records" checkbox.

We also added an option to have the Total Records in the subject by putting the words [RecordCount].

For example: If you have a daily email with credit cards that went through and you would like to have the amount of credit cards in the subject. You can use "Credit Card Details - Total Records: [RecordCount]" as the subject.


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