Can we have groups to which phone numbers and emails could be assigned

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asked Aug 25 in New Feature Requests by yczehn

I have a somewhat similar request. (I believe it would solve Chaim Holtzer's issue too).

Can we have groups to which phone numbers and emails could be assigned (0-9 &/or A-Z). We could then select the target group of emails and phone numbers for the job at hand by using the group. For example a work email could be placed in group E for emergency and W for weekly bulletin but not M for marketing.

The "Desc" isn't enough to filter. Example: some want to be contacted by cell and some don't. Some want emails at work, some don't.

Ner Israel Rabbinical College

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answered Aug 25 by yczehn
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Added a column called Level. Here you can put in a number or letter for each phone. Than you can choose to send only to phones with this number or letter. When searching for level you can include two different numbers by entering a comma in between. So if you want to send this to level 1 or 2, you enter by the search 1,2




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