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asked Feb 23, 2016 in Support Questions by mrsw

For those in charge of immunizations: We had an audit for a few grades at one of our locations, now they scheduled another audit for all locations all grades. Does this sound familiar to anyone???

commented Feb 24, 2016 by yoelhonig
We had an audit two weeks ago. She was a lady from the state controllers office, wanting to audit if the health department is doing a good job. She told us before which classes she will check, and we were able to prepare everything to perfection. When she arrived we had a nice lunch prepared for her, but she nicely told us that there is no way she is allowed to take anything from us, so she refused the lunch.

We had all charts ready, printed out, as she said it would be easier to review it like that, but for girls that were missing shots on the form, we helped our self with NYSIS. She was absolutely amazed at our JL program, and how we are able to download from NYSIS straight into the charts. At the end she trusted our program so much, that whatever it said by the girl's name in JL, was as good as the record itself.

One of the main things she stressed one, was, if we have an emergency plan, which means what we will do if a virus spreads and we have girls with religious exemptions or who are not fully immunized?  And she wanted to see the letter how we let our parents know what the plan is?

I would much appreciate to hear from which other departments they came to audit, and if there is more that would be of help to know.
commented Feb 24, 2016 by Admin
Thanks for the details, it will be a big help to everyone. For emergency plan you should use the missing immunization report that shows everyone that isn't complete in that virus. That report by default includes exempt student (or as an option).

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answered Feb 23, 2016 by mering
selected Feb 23, 2016 by mrsw
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They also scheduled an audit with us.
commented Feb 23, 2016 by mrsw
girls and boys all grades?
commented Feb 23, 2016 by mering
All grades all locations
commented Feb 23, 2016 by Secretary
in the past i was told by one of the auditors that they revisit a school that is less than 60% in compliance on audit or on the survey, might that have been your case?
commented Feb 23, 2016 by mrsw
no. We got a 100%
commented Feb 23, 2016 by mering
We also got a 100%
commented Feb 23, 2016 by mrsw
OK. Thanks for your input
commented Feb 24, 2016 by Viznitz
are they requesting everyone's medical form?
commented Feb 25, 2016 by mrsw
They didnt' specify, but it's understood that all preschool childlren need an up-to-date medical form on file.
commented Feb 25, 2016 by yoelhonig
she did except religious exemption even if some shots or even almost all shots where taken

ודי לחכימא ברמיזא.....
commented Feb 29, 2016 by BYBZ
were they particular in what form the religious exemption was in?
commented Mar 1, 2016 by yoelhonig
Not at all, but it had to make sense. Also, we require all parents to notarize, but they didn't check if it is.
commented Mar 1, 2016 by mrsw
Did they compare to your beds report?
commented Mar 2, 2016 by mrsw
Anyone already had an audit conducted by the NY state/city? (not like the one mentioned above)
commented Mar 2, 2016 by asrtiop
Had an audit done last year as they audit all new schools their first year reporting immunizations.  I had no exemptions and only one student in progress. The person who came down went thru all our classes and checked each paper medical report. Don't know if this answers what you were asking.
commented Mar 2, 2016 by yoelhonig
They had no clue how many students per grade, but knew that they wanted to see about hundred records.
commented Mar 2, 2016 by Tashbar
They also scheduled an audit with us, they asked class lists and the immunization records from all, and it looks like they have the exact amount of students from the immunization survey (or the beds) because they said the total how much we have they just want to verify.
commented Mar 7, 2019 by Tashbar
If someone had lately a immunization audit, please share your experience.

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