PCV Immuniztion Rule Updated

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We updated the PCV (Pneumococcal) Rules. After reading the rules copied below the following facts are true.

A child above 2 years has two way of being compliant. Or he got 1 shot before 12 months and 1 shot after twelve months. Or he got one shot after twenty four months. Getting additional shots in the first year will not help him to be compliant after the age of two.

So you created the following rules (Pictured Below).

In the first year only the first shot is valid. Any other shots will not get him closer to be compliant.

In the second year both the first and seconds shots are valid as 1. After twenty four months each shot is valid as two.


So you only need to add 2 shots required.






10. Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV). (Minimum age: 6 weeks)

a. Children starting the series on time should receive PCV vaccine at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months and at 12 through 15 months. Children older than 15 months must get caught up according to the ACIP catch-up schedule. The final dose must be received on or after 12 months.

b. Unvaccinated children ages 7 through 11 months of age are required to receive 2 doses, at least 4 weeks apart, followed by a third dose at 12 through 15 months.

c. Unvaccinated children ages 12 through 23 months are required to receive 2 doses of vaccine at least 8 weeks apart.

d. If one dose of vaccine was received at 24 months or older, no further doses are required.

e. For further information, refer to the PCV chart available in the School Survey Instruction Booklet at: www.health.ny.gov/prevention/immunization/school

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