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asked Jun 13, 2018 in Tuition by Admin

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We now added the option of getting the East Ramapo School Zone for each address.

In order to download it for a multiple accounts at once you need to make a query and get all the records in the mail merge screen.

Once you see all records you click on Download East Ramapo School Zone in the options menu.




To get the School Zone in a single account you need to click on the lookup menu in the address row and choose Get East Ramapo School Zone.




commented Jun 13, 2018 by baistrany2284
Where do I see the results?
commented Jun 13, 2018 by yczehn
It goes into Additional Info click Show all Addl Info, you can add the type by going to

Administration >  Admin, "Family Additional Info" add "ER Zone".
commented Jun 13, 2018 by dpilchick
This is a great addition to the program for Monsey Schools! Greatly appreciated!!
commented Jun 14, 2018 by yczehn
Since JLS looks up by street name it recommended to do a USPS lookup in fundraising -> Entries -> Address correction, check off "Correct Address" with a period query.
commented 6 days ago by zecheryochanan
How can i add new streets to School District placement?
commented 5 days ago by zecheryochanan

Can you create an alias name for 9th st. in JL = Ninth street on their map list etc. ?
commented 5 days ago by Admin
You can post new info and we will upload it
commented 4 days ago by zecheryochanan
Emailed it to Support@jlssolutions



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