Snow Alerts - Sending a Voice Broadcast from the comfort of your own home.

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To use just follow the following simple steps.

1)      Write down your ID and Password. You will need this in order to authenticate yourself on the phone. To view you ID and Password click on “Recording Instructions” button in the voice tab, or you can click on the “Control Panel’ button and click on the Sound Tab.

2)      Create a query with all the phone numbers you want to send to. You can create multiple phone books for different messages (For example Elementary School, High School, etc.).

3)      Click on the “Upload Phone Book” button in the Voice tab. It will prompt you for a name for the Phonebook. Enter the Name and press OK. Write down the Phonebook ID number that’s returned. You will need it to select this Phonebook thru the phone.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have all phone books created. To look up your list of Phonebooks just press the “Control Panel” button and click on Phonebook.


Now you’re ready to send the voice message from any phone.

1) Call (845) 215-4195 or (845) 777-9099. When the IVR picks up dial 2.

2) Enter your UserID when prompted and press #. Confirm if correct.

3) Enter your Phonebook ID # when prompted and press #. Confirm if correct.

4) Enter the 10 digits of the Caller ID # you want displayed. Confirm if correct.

5) Press any key to start the recording. Press # when finished. Confirm if correct.

Wait for the response. If successful it will tell you the campaign ID.

6) You can enter another Phonebook ID # now.  It will send this same recording and caller id to this Phonebook too. Confirm if correct.


[OLD Method. This still works. Just doesn't have the option of changing the Caller ID Number]

1) Dial the following number to connect to our server: 213-221-3805. (Please Note: The caller id used when sending this message will be the ID of the phone you are calling from. You cannot call from a blocked caller id phone)

2) Type in user id and the #. Password and #.

3)  When Prompted press 3.

4) When Prompted enter the Phonebook ID # that you want to send now.

5) When prompted record the message.

6) You now have the option of listening to the recording. When ready just press 1 to send the message.

commented Jun 4, 2017 by chaim holtzer
thats great!

how about having a default caller id number?
commented Jun 5, 2017 by bismark

Great feature!


commented Jun 6, 2017 by Admin
Added option to allow setting Caller ID by using the new option above.
commented Jun 6, 2017 by chaim holtzer
wonderful !!
commented Sep 7, 2017 by skernkraut
How close are you with this feature to set grouped queries like preschool, elementary, 1st grade, etc. And just choosing the group #. This way we don't need to keep uploading when changes occur.
commented Apr 16, 2019 by Admin
Will now allow you to add another phone book id after the recording was setup. This will allow you to send the same recording to another phone book.
commented Mar 16 by Admin
We added a second number to reach the voice recording menu due to high volume.

(845) 777-9099

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