Can I send a text message when student gets marked as absent?

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asked Aug 26, 2018 in Support Questions by dpilchick
I use the website on a tablet to mark attendance. Is there a way to send an automatic text message to the parents as soon as the absence gets submitted on the tablet? I would like the parents to know that their child is absent and if they aren't supposed to be absent, they can contact the yeshiva immediately.
commented Nov 17, 2021 by mrosen
Can this be done from tuition? We'd like an automatic text to go out to all boys that are marked absent each day

1 Answer

answered Aug 26, 2018 by Admin
Yes. We can add that option to the web portal. Will post here when its done.
commented Feb 17 by Admin
We have a module that we can customize for you to send out alerts. Contact sales for details.

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