Measles Outbreak

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asked Dec 9, 2018 in School Administrators by mering
Does anyone know if i child that just turned 4 and had only 1 Dose from MMR if they also have to be excluded from school or because they have time to get it till the 6 Years they can attend School ?
commented Dec 9, 2018 by yczehn

Students cannot return to school until they are appropriately vaccinated, or until the outbreak is declared over, even if they have an approved religious or medical exemption to measles immunization. If a person in your school develops measles, additional restrictions apply.

As a reminder, for the 2018-2019 school year, for children attending daycare and pre-kindergarten, one dose of MMR is required; for children attending kindergarten through 12th grade, two doses are required. Results of blood work showing immunity to measles (measles IgG positive) is also acceptable. Documentation of disease history from a physician, without laboratory confirmation, is not acceptable.

Students who are sick with measles must stay home from daycare or school until the 5th day after rash onset, as advised by the Health Department.

commented Dec 10, 2018 by Bobov-45
So to get to the finish line: Only 5 Year olds are considered Kindergarten Students who require 2 doses, 4 Years olds are Pre-KDG, who require only 1 Dose.
commented Dec 11, 2018 by Mrsh
Technically, When we fill out the immunization survey online they go by grade.

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