missing immunization report to show the date that dose can be administered

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asked Jan 27, 2019 in Reports by BYBZ
Missing Immunization Reports.


First of all, I want to compliment again the immunization module of the Tuition software, which has been extremely helpful to us to monitor the immunizations in our yeshiva. Also extremely helpful is the new feature that was added a while ago that when a shot that is missing cannot yet be administered due to it being too close in time to the previous dose given, that it shows the date that as of then, it will be ok & counted for. This is very helpful when working with parents.


However, when working with large number of kids, we usually run reports and work off of printed reports and find it very difficult that the missing shot is listed even though the child cannot get it yet to be counted. Yet it’s important that the missing shot be listed so we have a handle on the students with missing shots. But working with this report requires us to manually look into each account, every time we have an updated report, this needs to eb done again and again. Also, when an inspector comes it becomes very had to figure which ones to explain  that they are missing because the boy cannot have this shot while on the catch-up schedule.


Therefore, would it be possible that next to any shot that is missing but has a date in red that the date be listed even in small in parenthesis, so that we know as of when that shot can be administered. This small feature will go a long way in helping the yeshiva fully utilize the amazing system that you designed.



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answered Feb 10, 2019 by Admin
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Done. Added to your Missing Immunization report. I sent it to your server.

Any other school that needs this same feature on their report should contact support.




commented Feb 10, 2019 by BYBZ
Thank You!

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