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asked Jan 28 in Support Questions by chaim holtzer
when creating an receipt to be sent by email, the system creates the file as a PDF, and the file name is a code, for example VBS3C85.pdf

is possible that it should have a normal name, like the receipt name / donors name / the org. name, or anything else thats making more sense?

Thanks in advance.
commented Jan 28 by Admin
Will add. Will post when done.

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answered Jan 28 by Admin
selected Jan 28 by chaim holtzer
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Done. It will now be called Receipt 3434

The number being the payment number.
commented Jan 28 by Tashbar
It will also be by any report, contract and statement ?
commented Jan 28 by chaim holtzer
do i need to update the version?
commented Jan 29 by chaim holtzer
maybe would be better to put the Receipt number?
commented Jan 29 by Admin
Receipt number can be any text and have invalid characters.

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