Linking campaigns to companies

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asked Jul 3 in Support Questions by Nlink
Can you link campaigns to companies so that certain campaigns can only be part of that company? When entering payments if a company is entered it will only being up campaigns that are linked to that company. In addition to limiting the amount of campaigns that come up it will also avoid entering pledges or payments into the wrong company.

1 Answer

answered Jul 3 by Admin
No. We try to lock as little as possible.
commented Jul 3 by Nlink
So what's the purpose of having a company if it is not attached to anything?
commented Jul 4 by Admin
Company, is a complete financial entity with its own charges and payments and is used for financial reporting. This will keep your tuition and donation funds completely separate for accounting, and if you have multiple financial organizations in your school (Camp, College, etc) this is what keeps them separate.

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