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asked Jul 23, 2019 in New Feature Requests by BYBZ
Can we have that attendance that is entered, be viewed on the child level? This is very useful in day camp when parents call for credit for a week that their child didn't attend. This will make it very easy to verify.
commented Jul 23, 2019 by Admin
Please explain what you mean at the child level. If you mean to see by each child his attendance, that's already available in the courses screen.
commented Jul 23, 2019 by BYBZ
yes, we mean to see at each child. we dn't use the courses module of JL.
commented Jul 23, 2019 by Admin
So or go in to courses for it, or have support create a report of anyone attending outside of their dates and get an email of it once a week in the summer.

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answered Aug 4, 2019 by Admin
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Closing Ticket.
commented Aug 6, 2019 by BYBZ
When we started using the attendance feature of JL, we set it up as instructed, inserted the students in the attendance program which was set up to meet our various attendance purpose requirements. To use Courses is a new way which will have other ramifications and is not a good solution.


The report that you are suggesting does not satisfy our need. We enter any child that will be even a day in a half of the summer as that season. Otherwise the billing and transportation, class lists will get confusing. The reality is that many people change their minds as they go during the summer season in day camp in the city. What tends to happen is through the winter when they get bills they claim that the child only attended certain days etc. and there is no way for us to quickly view the attendance on the child. This is what we need a quick link from the child to view his attendance history.
commented Aug 6, 2019 by Admin
Support can make you a report that you can view with a single click from the account, which will have the list of days that the child was in attendance.

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