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As i mentioned here currently the date that’s in the missing immunization or on this report means it’s not going to be valid before that date but it doesn’t mean that they are actually due. (most parents and doctors will not give before they are actually due.)  Due to the immunization rules are getting more stricted, can you please add 2 columns that should be by each shot, first column should be when the next shot is due that's on the CDC website or from the CIR  and the second column when the they have a follow up appointment. 

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answered Dec 10, 2019 by Admin
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We added a new column called "recommended interval".

For dtap shot 4 just update it with the number 180 for 6 months. The system will now show the correct date when it is due.





Please note, you can also request from support to have the same info come up on the missing immunization report and letter.



commented Dec 10, 2019 by mering
commented Dec 10, 2019 by mering
Do we need to update it manually ?
commented Dec 10, 2019 by Admin
commented Dec 10, 2019 by Tashbar
Thanks so much!
answered Aug 4, 2019 by Admin
Do not understand exactly.

What are you trying to accomplish? There is already a method of entering that they have an upcoming appointment.
commented Aug 5, 2019 by Tashbar

See the the following DTaP example 

In the system comes up (because the intervals, it will not be valid before 8/26/19)

He is actually due 10/31/19

There is a lot of children with above example, they are not required to give before the due date and the parents are getting very upset if we are bothering for nothing, therefore please add a due column.

commented Aug 5, 2019 by Admin
How can we calculate the due date? Do you have the rules?
commented Aug 5, 2019 by Tashbar

From the CDC website.

commented Aug 5, 2019 by Tashbar
Table 2
commented Aug 8, 2019 by Tashbar
Any update?
commented Aug 15, 2019 by Kasho
Important to have vaccine due column, please add.


Thank You
commented Sep 9, 2019 by Tashbar
There is another reason as well for heaving the due column, we have to know if the appointments for the follow-up doses are according  the CDC of the age-appropriate scheduled appointments, please add.
commented Sep 16, 2019 by baistrany2284
any updates on this?
commented Oct 24, 2019 by mering
This will be very helpful!

We have a immunization audit scheduled and we wanna be very strict that all children that are not up to date should not attend school , We sent home yesterday a student that was required for the 4th Dtp shot (After 116 Days) The doctor sent home the student that its still not 6 Months and he circled around the 6 Month Due Date to show me that the shot is not due yet , So how can I be so strict and sending home students when the shot is not even due yet .

Thanks again for JL for putting In all effort to satisfy their clients .
commented Oct 31, 2019 by mering
Any Updates ?
commented Dec 10, 2019 by Admin
This was added today.

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