How to refund a credit card in a different amount it that it was charged?

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asked Aug 6 in How To by 136

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answered Aug 6 by yczehn
If the transaction didnt batch yet (usually if charged today before 4:55) its worth to make a refund and charge the amount you want to charge,

if it batched already you can make a new transaction and by amount you enter the negative amount you want to refund

lets say you charged $400 you want to refund $100 you enter by amount -100
commented Aug 6 by 136
Thank you!
commented Aug 6 by Admin
At times, even if it didn't batch you would enter only a minus payment instead of voiding. That's if you are afraid there aren't enough funds on the credit card. Doing a void does not put back the funds. So you might have a situation where you voided the charge and when you try to recharge it gets declined.

If that happens to you you can call in to support, and we can help you void the void.

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