whats your takeaway of last nights convention?

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asked Aug 8, 2019 in Off-Topic by yczehn
What did you learn last night that you didn't know we offer until now?

what was your most interesting moment at the event?

what are you suggesting for next convention?

let us know in the comments below

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answered Aug 8, 2019 by yczehn
edited Aug 8, 2019 by yczehn

the most interesting question that I was asked was Why doesn't JL have an option to delete accounts I tried so many times and nothing happens? read the message and then click no

the runner up question is Why are you showing how to void in  JL I always charge in JL and void in fidelypay? its actualy a bad idea to charge in JL And refund outside of JLS

the most interesting moment was when I found out that the man that I know in shull only by face is the same person I know in JL only by name and number.

my suggestion for next convention is,

  1. the logo on tags should be smaller since everyone knows already what it is and the name should be double the size so you don't need to squinch your eyes, and it say the position as well.
  2. it should be a full work day, there was't enough time to get around with everyone and everything
  3. more projectors so it can be seen from all corners
  4. it should be planned months in advance (that others could plan accordingly) and clarify who its meant for (even non administrators), and it should be not on chanuka or tisha buv when everyone is upstate or downstate
  5. the DB should have more info that you can show real fake data.

I want to thank all that came and sorry for those that I missed, and thanks to JLS for arranging this beautiful event.

commented Aug 8, 2019 by Chaimshiah
I agree to all 5 points
commented Aug 9, 2019 by ygoldblatt
The most interesting part of the presentation (you were all great :-)) was Joel going through the program - next time he needs a lot more time allocated...

Overall - great program and very good to meet everyone face to face!
commented Jul 13, 2020 by mering
All JLS Clients are waiting to see details about another Event , I understand that most people don't like to write on the Q&A , But if JL will do a vote and see haw many clients are interesting in a event I think that the numbers will be high!

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