TO DO - Add & see by Hebrew Name & Hebrew Date & Phone

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asked Aug 14, 2019 in Tuition and Fundraising by seb

1) when creating a "To Do" make able to pick an account with a drop down of the Hebrew names (with info of Father and Father in Law included), Also to pick an account by phone number, - And also to see there the Hebrew date (F3 don't work there at the dates - it also a good option to have the Hebrew date visible even without F3 in top of each date)

2) when you open a "To Do" you should have on top, the Address and phone numbers of this person, with no need to go to the next tab to see the phone numbers

3) in the To Do List to have a column of: Hebrew last name, Hebrew first name, Father and Father in law, And Hebrew date

4) at the screen of the Pop Up reminders please add the same as above columns

commented Aug 15, 2019 by Admin
You should create the To-Do from within the account. There you can search it with the regular search features.

We will add the columns in the to-do list. Will post here when done.
commented Aug 20, 2019 by seb
What's doing with all the above features?

By the way, what you answered on #1 that i can create the to do from within the account. it's many times still easier to make it from the To Do screen. - and also if so, why you made at all to be able create a To Do from there outside of the account? and if you made it, why not making it more flexible?

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