CC denied, click to set future date

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asked Sep 1 in Tuition and Fundraising by baistrany2284
Is there a way to add somehow that when a CC is declined to be able to click something in the denied window an add a future date to reprocess the card instead of having to schedule a new charge and ignore the declined one?
commented Sep 17 by meshilem
Where do i enter the date?
commented Sep 17 by baistrany2284
You probably didn't update yet.
commented Sep 17 by meshilem
ok now i see
commented Sep 17 by meshilem
I needed to unhide columns and the select Re-Charge Date
commented Sep 17 by yczehn
if you want save it so it should save as default just click the "Save changes after logout" box in the Unhide Columns tab.
commented Sep 17 by meshilem

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answered Sep 1 by Admin
selected Sep 17 by Admin
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Added. Just enter a date before clicking the re-charge button.


commented Sep 1 by baistrany2284
Thanks so much!
commented Sep 5 by chaim holtzer
Great feature! this will help a lot & save time,

commented Sep 27 by baistrany2284
Is there also a way that if a CC is declined, to be able "in the denied window" to change the amount without having to do an entire new charge? for example if I try to charge someone $1000 and it's denied, than the parent says, try $800, can we have a place to enter the new amount?
commented Nov 5 by mering
Can this also be approval ?

To change a date
commented Nov 12 by MBR
This feature seems very useful.  I don't see a column for a recharge date by the cc denials.  Can you please explain how to do that?
commented Nov 12 by MBR
Thank you very much.

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