How do I import NPSIS OPT eligibility to the software?

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Before you start you must first do the first step of adding the NPSIS ID to each students and take care of all the student that were not matched thru the school roster. Instructions for step #1 can be found here. How do I Import the NPSIS ID# for each student? How do I check if the NPSIS website has the correct info on my students?.


You also need to have all your students in a program with their classes that you use for OPT. If you want you can create OPT as a seperate program. You need to setup the program before doing the following step. If you need instructions on how to setup a new program click How do I create and enroll a group of students in to a new program?


There is two ways to download NPSIS eligibility from the NPSIS website. The easier way is to use the ridership report. But for alot of users the ridership isn't updated so they must use the Transportation Requests for Multiple Students. For instruction on downloading from the Transportation Requests for Multiple Students click Alternate download of NPSIS Eligibility for those that there is no info in the Ridership Report. After the download continue to step 4.


1. First login to NPSIS and request the ridership report by clicking on the transportation option and ridership report. Then change number 4 "Enter number of row in a Page" to 999. Click on the Go button on the bottom.






2. Highlight the complete list starting from LName to the bottom and copy in to excel by right-clcik and pressing copy. Open excel and click Paste. If there is empty rown on top in excel please delete them by highlighting the rows and right-clicking and choosing delete from the menu.






3. Now Click on File menu and Select Save As and choose to save as Excel 97-2003 Workbook. Save it in a location where you will be able to find it. Make sure the field with the NPSIS ID has ID in the first row and the Distance column has Distance. If it's Students ID just change it to ID and if its Distance Code just change it to Distance.






4. Open the Tuition software to the report screen and go to the Additional Info tab. Then go to the Direct Cert/NPSIS tab. Click in the NPSIS Ridership Report option. Then click on the "Load Excel File" button. Choose the excel file that you saved above in step 3.






5. Enter the Program Name and Period where you want the Type Field should be updated with the distance designation. Click on proccess. It will now go thru the list and add the distance designation (a,b,c,d) to the program selected.




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An alternate method of download is.

1) Login by the Ridership Information Login,





2) Now enter today's date in both date boxes on top. Click on Get Count And Days.  Click on the number of Eligible for today's date. After it loads Click on Export To Excel. Please Note: If the numbers is still moving every day it means the city did not yet finish processing all your changes.



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Note to those doing the import, the excel sheet should have only 2 columns.
ID (Rename Student ID) and Distance (Rename Distance Code) Delete all other columns.

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