Encrypt Hebrew and English classes until the new year starts

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asked Aug 16, 2021 in New Feature by YakovKantor
retagged Aug 16, 2021 by YakovKantor
There are schools that have issues with staff seeing the assigned student English/Hebrew classes of the coming year.
commented Jul 21, 2023 by M a Horowitz
It would be good if could have a per user rights

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answered Aug 16, 2021 by YakovKantor
selected Aug 1, 2022 by yczehn
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Added (08/16/21)


Select a Period, Location and Grades. (Not the Hebrew class or English class)

Then go to Options > Admin > Encypt/Decript Selected Classes. (See pictures below)



All the classes will be encypted until the decrypt option is run. (See sample below)


commented Aug 17, 2021 by Pinkus
Perfect timing for this great feature.

Thank you so much.
commented Aug 25, 2022 by Admin
You are welcome. Great feature for registration time.
commented May 16 by grunwald
Is there any way to lock the class list for only one grade, users should not be able to see the class list at all
commented May 16 by YakovKantor
Exactly what this feature does. Select only that grade and lock it.


But it means that its locked for all users
commented May 16 by grunwald
The report can still be viewed by all when following these steps
commented May 16 by Admin
Please explain what you mean. Or call in to support with help with using this feature.  

If you use this correctly no report can show you the class, because the system does not know the class.
commented May 17 by grunwald
We do not have parallel classes, we only have one class per grade. We want the GRADE to be encrypted.
commented May 20 by Admin
This feature only encrypts Hebrew Or English Class. Is not meant for grade. Grade is needed for medical and other records and cannot be encrypted.

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