is there a way to enter a bus change to be repeated like every monday or twice every week ?

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asked Nov 18, 2015 in How To by satmar-montreal
commented Feb 17, 2021 by transportation
When I make a bus change, can there be a box to check off if it is a weekly bus change.  For example, if this is a bus change for every Friday, then I would check off the box, and then when I print out the Friday bus changes it would automatically appear every Friday on the bus change list.
commented Feb 17, 2021 by Admin
We will review this again, and see if it can be added.

1 Answer

answered Nov 18, 2015 by Admin
commented Nov 18, 2015 by CYF
Can it be implemented?
commented Nov 18, 2015 by Admin
We do not plan on adding it. Students that go certain days of the week on different routes its best to put them on both routes with a note of days that they come.
commented Nov 25, 2015 by Sros
It would be much easier if the driver has in front of him the change when its in effect, since not all of them hold track on which day it is.
commented Feb 21, 2021 by lp
It would be a great help if such a feature can get added since we have many bus changes that happen just at certain days of the week (on the same route to a different address or on a earlier/ later route)
commented Mar 1, 2022 by HMarton
Would be a great help if you can implement this.
commented Mar 2, 2022 by shaindyfink
This is the most difficult part of bus changes.  We have an entire list of Friday Bus Changes, and need to constantly reenter them for every Friday.  It causes alot of confusion, and it would really help if we can have this feature.
commented Mar 3, 2022 by BYBZ
Or if there is a child from a separated home and twice a week they need to go to one parent and twice a week to another..

i would think the solution would be to create the possibility of entering bus changes on a weekly basis selecting the day. this way, you would just enter a weekly bus change select Friday or any other days and it should automatically be entered on Friday only.
commented Jul 21, 2022 by Shalom

I want to know if you can  add the Bus change by a day of the week option, It's going to help me a lot?

commented Jul 21, 2022 by lp
It would be very appreciated if such an option can be added.

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