make the account input in mass pledges easier to use

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asked Nov 17, 2022 in How To by ybirnbaum
How can i change the input account table, to yidish or english, and to see more info of the person while inputing his name or code

1 Answer

answered Nov 17, 2022 by Admin
There is 4 options by the payment tab. It should work there too.
commented Nov 29, 2022 by ybirnbaum

Yes by mass payments there is 4 options but not by mass pledges look its missing:

commented Nov 29, 2022 by Admin
The same options work there too.
commented Nov 30, 2022 by yczehn
@ybirnbaum, FYI: many tabs use the name format of mass payments name format
commented Apr 19, 2023 by ybirnbaum
You need to add more info in the dropdown like the address and the family tree, because I have too many identical names in the systems

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