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asked Dec 12, 2022 in Tuition and Fundraising by yogutt
I know you say its possible if we have TAPI or click to call. I am seeing that the Grandstream system supports TAPI but looking to see if you have any more information on how to set that up?

Thank you
commented Dec 12, 2022 by yczehn
once you have the TAPI driver installed call us and we will link it to JLS, if you're not sure if its installed you can call us and we can try to check, thanks
commented Dec 13, 2022 by yogutt
My phone tech has asked me if we can install a tapi driver on the computer or does it need to be on the phone system itself. would you know?
commented Dec 13, 2022 by yczehn
hmm, on the computer
commented Dec 30, 2022 by yogutt
edited Dec 30, 2022 by yogutt
Thus is what JL sent me as to how to hook up JL to my grandstream network. I can currently call using my phone dialer  built into windows but not from JL. I spoke to Tech #2 and he saud I needed a url from the phone in order to call but I am not sure what he means if this is what JL sent Me. As an aside the menu on jl says

set login URl

set call URL

Currently I am getting a runtime error 380 invalid property value

( Note if I change the name of the login url to SipTapi I don't get anywhere on click to call but I also don't get the error message which I guess means that something is working just have to figure out the next part)

as well as a box to put in notes on the phone call. If someone could tell me what I am supposed to get it would be great.

Thank you
commented Jan 24, 2023 by yczehn

the tapi line is probably inactive try using the first tapi line as follows  

  1. Phone Login You use:    JLTAPI
  2. Call Url  You use: 1%PhoneNum%;;0;;1
commented Jan 26, 2023 by yogutt
Yes this seems to work

Thank you Chesky

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answered Dec 13, 2022 by yczehn
selected Jan 26, 2023 by yczehn
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To Use  JLTAPI for Phone Login

  1. Phone Login You use:    JLTAPI
  2. Call Url  You use:    1%PhoneNum%;;1;;1

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