Add option to click on all three routes that the bus change is needed for

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asked Feb 2, 2023 in New Feature Requests by Eisen
Is it possible to please include a feature for bus changes where there is an option to click on all bus routes a student will be needing for his change instead of putting it in three times for his AM, PM and Friday route?

It is very confusing to have three lines per child on the page and time consuming as well to enter all information three times per student.

commented Feb 6, 2023 by shaindyfink
I love the feature where you put in who child is going home with, and all info appears.  Even if it's only available when using this feature (because then the bus #s are preset) it would work very well for us to be able to put in for PM & Friday at the same time.  Thank you
commented Feb 21, 2023 by Yeshiva Imrei Chaim
It would be great if you could have 2 columns of route times per change, am & pm, and we fill in whichever is necessary, or both, and then it should show up by each route entered on the reports
commented Nov 15, 2023 by Bobov45 PS
It would be very helpful for us too. It's very confusing to get a few bus changes for the same kid, and to figure out which one is for which route.
commented Jan 10 by elementaryleng
this option would be a great help. it would make things much simpler and clearer.
commented Jan 11 by SBabad
Same here, we would also greatly benefit.
commented Feb 27 by elementaryleng
is this being worked on? it is getting very confusing to have more than one bus change for one child. it will make it a lot easier to have the option of choosing more than one route in one record.
commented Feb 28 by shmuel3641
edited Feb 28 by shmuel3641

Maybe something like that?


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