Flag automatically when attaching the document

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asked Feb 2, 2023 in New Feature Requests by Pupa Camp
We have a few flags that are made to flag when we receive the document, for example: we have a flag Lunch Form that we flag when we receive the form and we attach it
Can you add the feature that when attaching the attachment name lunch form than the flag named lunch form should get flagged?
currently there is such a feature that when printing registration card it gets flagged the flag registration card printed
commented Feb 2, 2023 by yczehn
why would you use a flag when you can query directly on the attachments?

if its something that you need to have on file, adding an additional flag can lead to errors where its only flagged off but you don't have an actual attachment record,

also why would you work more than what you need to?

when printing registration cards you need to have a flag to know that it was sent out already so you can keep track of those accounts that didn't get it yet, but with attachments its recommended to query directly on the attachment record.

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