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asked Feb 15, 2023 in Tuition and Fundraising by meshilem
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can you add an option to overwrite the period end date by auto contract?

We have 2 different start and end dates.

1. is for girls starting 9/1 and ending 8/31

2. is for boys (also yeshiva) starting after סוכות and finishing before סוכות.

We made the period date based on the girls, and we cannot use the start date for girls and end date for boys, because then the yearly report of collections/ charges / income, will get messed up.

so until now, we are using the start and end date of the girls even for the boys, and all new nursery boys get a credit towards the first 2 months of charge, the in kita 9 they have a charge for kita 9 a charge for going in to yeshiva and then a credit for the first 2 months because we did not start yet yeshiva...

in order to avoid all of this i am asking and suggesting JLS to add a feature of End Date by auto contract, so now there will only be 1 charge per month, and no extra work every time we change any amount to fix all of the credits and charges,

please let me know when it's done. thank you

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answered Mar 27, 2023 by yczehn
selected Mar 27, 2023 by meshilem
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Added DateEnd in auto contract
commented Mar 27, 2023 by meshilem
Thank You Great Job!!!

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