Can there be a merge field in the subject of an email form?

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asked Mar 29 in New Feature by Miriam Spitzer
Being able to personalize an email subject to include a parent's name will help with the email feeling more personal, and for clarity purposes.

If emails are sent per child, and a parent will receive more than 1, it would be helpful if the subject is titled: Missing Immunizations for Chany, or Chany's transportation details

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answered Mar 30 by Admin
selected Nov 3 by Admin
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Added in version of 3/30/2023
commented Nov 3 by ekatz
This is a great feature! The "insert merge field" button doesn't work in the subject line. You have to copy and paste the merge field or type it out. Can it be updated that the insert button will also work in the subject?
commented Nov 3 by Admin
Then we would need two insert buttons, one for subject and other for body.

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