Direct Certification Instructions - With Pictures!

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Due to the video tutorial being outdated, below is the current instuctions.

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Step 1 - Export your data

How to get a new Direct Cert File EXPORT from JL:

  1. Run the “STD DCMP Roster Upload Export” report (The first report on the list)
  2. Put in “Gender” and your “BEDS Number”.
  3. Once the report loads, click report menu, then click export to text (See picture)

Save the file.


Step 2 - Upload your data to the state

Go to

Click Login:

Go to

After accepting the terms and conditions:

  1. Go to Bulk Search
  2. Click Choose File
  3. Click Upload

You will need to wait until you receive an email that your upload is ready (usually takes over night).


Step 3 - Copy the data from the state

Follow the steps above to log in.

  1. Go to Bulk Search
  2. Click Records in file


  1. Click Copy


Step 4 - Bring the data into JL

Go to Reports

  1. Additional Info
  2. Direct Cert.
  3. Select your free meal type (usually A)
  4. Select a period
  5. Create database (Only once per school year, not per import)
  6. Paste the records you copied from the state website
  7. Click Direct Match


commented Sep 21 by Miriam Singer
why do i need to put in gender when pulling the report.  cant i do everyone at once?

also if i have a few locations, each with a separate BEDS but want to do direct matching for all at once, is that something i can do or need to do each location separate?
commented Sep 21 by YakovKantor

The gender will always take from the student unless there is nothing filled in. Then it takes the one you selected in the popup.


You will need to make new report for each beds number you can combine the exports later on.

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