How do we get "Friends" as a salutation for a business that we don't have a contact name for?

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asked Apr 20, 2023 in How To by SScheier
When we do a mail merge that includes businesses, we need that the letter to any business for which we do not have a contact name, should say Dear Friends. We do not want "Friends" to be considered the name so that it should not show up by the address on top of the letter or on the envelope.

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answered Apr 20, 2023 by YakovKantor
There is a name format "Title FName LName or Friend"
commented Apr 21, 2023 by Mrs. Mayer
When there is a company name and we use the Title FName LName or Friend it takes the company name not friends
commented Apr 23, 2023 by YakovKantor
From the code I see it should not be looking at the company name at all.

Can you give me a sample account that you are seeing this?

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