Make calculations in any Currency Field (Plus, Minus, Division, Multiplication)

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answered Apr 20 by YakovKantor
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Added (04/20/2023)
(This feature has existed in the past in some fields, now it was enabled all over as of 04/20)

This feature allows you to make calculations in any currency field.
The operators are + - * /

You have a Day Camp charge of 325 per child and they have 3 children. You can enter into the field "325 * 3" and the program will put in "975.00" as the amount.

You got multiple payments from someone and you want to put them in as one payment so you can enter: 25+100+123.56+45 and the program will put in "293.56" as the amount.

You can also "chain" for example: (100 + 75) / 2, notice the parentheses.


commented Jun 6 by YAG
please add this feature in the APPLY tab by the apply field too, we get funds that need to be divided according to the semesters, thanks
commented Jun 7 by Admin
Currently cannot be added to that screen.

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