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asked Apr 24, 2023 in New Feature by Typer
Is it possible to have something, when we have a list of phone numbers or codes etc. to match it in the system, and the program will lets us know which ones were not found in the JL.

For example:

We have 300 East Ramapo student IDs – we match them on JL. We only matched 290 – so the report will bring up those 10 that wasn’t found
commented Apr 25, 2023 by Admin
So look for all students that do not have an East Ramapo ID.
commented Apr 27, 2023 by Typer
A lot of students will have east Ramapo ids but it wont be the correct one, besides this is just an example but I need it for many other things too for example when it doesn’t match phone numbers downloaded from voicemails that weren’t entered in the system or off with a digit.. etc etc

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answered Apr 28, 2023 by Admin
selected Jul 21, 2023 by Typer
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Added. April 28, 2023.

It will give you the not matched info in the text box below the process button. You can copy it out from there.

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