Weekly Shabos/Yom Tov Invoice/Statemant for aliyos, Simchos and parneisim.

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asked May 2, 2023 in Fundraisers by ybirnbaum
Hi, I would like to hear from other Kehillos that are using the JL system, how they bill their congregants right after each shabbos or yom tov for the aliyos, mishebeirechs, simchos, parneisim etc. they pledged on shabos.

What we did till now was that we sent a regular bill to all people who pledged throughout the shabbos. the problem is that because it looks like a regular monthly statement/bill the person thinks that this is his total balance owed to the bhm"d, and meanwhile his outstanding bill is really much larger than the 18 dollars he pledged this shabbos.

So I would like to hear from other butei midrushim different ideas how they bill the recent pledges.
commented May 2, 2023 by Admin
Is internet/email an option?
commented May 2, 2023 by ybirnbaum
Not for us. We work with paper-mail.

I want to hear from others how they work.
commented May 2, 2023 by mering
moved May 2, 2023 by YakovKantor
1. Why are you not sending the entire bill included the new pledge ?

2. We are only sending after each Shabbos for Guests that don't have yearly charges , For those that have yearly charges we send out bills 3 Time's a year for all open balances .

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