Day Camp charges should be divided in the statement, not included in the tuition balance or a separate statement

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asked Jun 20, 2023 in Reports by Eisen

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answered Jun 20, 2023 by YakovKantor
If you need them to be totally separate, you should have day camp in its own company.
commented Jun 21, 2023 by Eisen
I would like for it to be in the same company and it can be on the same statement, but when sending a statement before day camp starts so that they can pay up their day camp charges and receive a registration card, it's not necessary for them to see the tuition balance and being that it lumps it as one sum, its confusing.
commented Jun 21, 2023 by YakovKantor

It a bit hard to explain in a post, so please call into support and we can explain it to you.

Below is a basic explanation of statements, however it may not fully answer your question. 

There are 3 types of statements:

  1. Running statement - Shows all charges and payments, regardless of what the payment was applied to.
  2. Charges Due Statement - Shows only the charges that are due and what was paid, but not the payments.
  3. Applied to Statement - Shows every charge and every payment applied to that charge.

Each statement has its pro's and cons.

However you cannot mix and match statements, therefor if you have a running statement you cannot exclude specific charges and payments.

commented Jun 21, 2023 by Eisen
Thank you, it is in a separate company so it looks fine now.

How can i upload a new letterhead for the Day Camp statement?
commented Jun 21, 2023 by YakovKantor
Email your new letter head to support and we can put it in for you

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