Denied CC's on main screen should only include automatic charges that were declined, not manual charges

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asked Jun 23, 2023 in Tuition and Fundraising by viznitzym
I think that the denied CC's screen is made to bring to attention about automatic transactions that were declined, whereas manual declines doesn't need to.

Even more, sometimes it bothers me to have manual declines listed there. I think that they have to try to be recharged. I had a parent that gave me a cc to try but got declined, so ha gave me a different cc which was processed, but since I saw the declined charge on the screen I kept recharging and calling him that his charge keeps getting declined, so long when actually his different cc kept getting processed.
commented Aug 17, 2023 by viznitzym
is anyone working on this?
commented Aug 18, 2023 by Admin
No. You can click ignore on the manual declines right when its declined if you do not need to follow up.

Manual declines need follow up to alot of times, and alot use it to keep it open so when going thru cc next time they call him.

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answered Aug 18, 2023 by Admin

Added. It will now ask when Not Captured if you want to follow up. Pressing No will mark it as ignored.


commented Sep 4, 2023 by Shimont
Can you please also change that accounts that are getting an alert when their card is declined, they should not get the alert by manual CC charges.

Thank you
commented Sep 4, 2023 by Admin
Why not?

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