I would like to add a drop box by the notes tab by periods

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asked Jul 6, 2023 in New Feature by Heimfeld
if there can be two requess at the same time
it should be able to integrate from the website
I would also like to know how i would be able to make a report from it
commented Jul 6, 2023 by yczehn
you can use Method, anything you enter will be in the dropdown,

for reports you can contact support,

for website integration please contact sales and discuss the changes you want.
commented Jul 6, 2023 by Heimfeld
What is method?
commented Jul 6, 2023 by yczehn

if you don't see this column you can unhide it.

Right click on the grid on choose unhide Columns.


commented Jul 6, 2023 by Heimfeld
is it possible to change the name from Method to prayer request?
commented Jul 6, 2023 by Heimfeld
how do I add options to the dropbox?
commented Jul 7, 2023 by C.H.S.
As I understand is this in Fundraising.

Would be possible to add the method  in Tuition?

1 Answer

answered Jul 6, 2023 by Admin
The drop down gets filled in by what was already entered.

The name of the column cannot be changed. Like any field it can be used in reports and queries.

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